Weather Announcements

WEATHER: rain or shine?

YES - we play rain or shine! Except in the case of dangerous conditions (lightning, hurricane, extreme flooding etc...)

If games are cancelled we will post a notice on divisional SCHEDULES.

If games are cancelled the divisional schedules will be updated/have information. If there is NO CURRENT message then games are on as scheduled.

The best time to check the schedule is 1 hour before your game as weather and conditions are extremely changeable and games are not cancelled until it is extremely apparent that  fields will be unplayable at kickoff time.

Games go forward whenever possible. 

Please don’t write in the afternoon asking if games are cancelled.

We will let you know as soon as we know and never make decisions early in the day unless  the fields are already clearly flooded and unplayable. In which case we’ll post a notice on the schedules and also send an email to Captains if we're able. 

We understand the urge to write when your players are asking you the same question, but our answer will be "we don’t know yet" and taking the time to reply thus to several captains delays the mountain of work and emails we need to get through in order to keep the league running as smoothly as possible for you. (thanks for understanding) 

On occasion games may be cancelled on the spot if we arrive at the fields and find they are unplayable due to flooding or dangerous conditions.

If there is no current message posted regarding weather on the schedules then games will proceed as scheduled.

Make up games may be scheduled at a different time and/or day of the week than your regular league play, including weekends.