Spring Registration Is Open

We are excited to get back out on the field for the coming Spring season! Spring permits are still being finalized and more info and details will be added to our usual Spring divisions.

If you missed it last season, note that we have switched to a new registration system, OpenSports, which we hope will streamline your experience. If you don't have an account on OpenSports yet, you will be prompted to create one when you register for a division. We recommend you download the Opensports App here!

Please be sure you have read all Info, Details and League Rules for the division you are interested in before registering for the season.

Once a player or team has registered / paid to play in the league, there are NO REFUNDS, unless requested divisions are full and we are unable to place a team in the division they choose. If we are able to find a team to take the place of a TEAM who would like to drop we will refund the original TEAM minus a $150 admin fee pre-season or $200 if the season is already underway.