Captains / Co-Captains

Captains / Co-Captains: when writing to the league please include your TEAM NAME in all emails


You can view the full season schedule and stats either on the NYC Soccer Collective website or on your team page on the OpenSports app.

The schedule for the first night of games will be available at least 48 hours before the first night of games.

The schedule for the second night of games will be available at least 72 hours before the second night of games.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the full season schedule will be posted within the 3rd week of games.

If fields are closed due to weather - make up games may be scheduled at a different time and/or day of the week than your regular league play (this includes weekends).

Due to occasional unforeseen circumstances the schedule is subject to change after it has been posted.

We will make every effort to send out a notice if there are changes made to a game within the same week.

As a general suggestion you should check your schedule at the beginning of each week to ensure you have the most updated scheduling information.


Your team roster is due and all players must be registered to your team by 5pm before your 1st game of the season.
All players must have accurate email contact information and must accept their team invite to be registered.
Must be registered under LEGAL NAME which matches ID, we will be checking IDs at various intervals during the season.

*** You are limited to the # of players in the game as are registered on your team.
(ie: If you have 8 players registered you are limited to 8 maximum players in games)
You can bring in players to fill in when you're going to be short, but # of players in the game can not exceed the # of players on your roster.

Rosters are frozen (meaning you can no longer make an add/drop) 24 hours prior to your 7th regular league game or when a notification is posted on the schedule (whichever is sooner).

ONLY REGISTERED PLAYERS are eligible for the Playoffs. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Important Reminder:

All Captains, Co-Captains and Players are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by all league rules and procedures.

Please visit the home page and review LEAGUE INFO and LEAGUE RULES in the LEAGUE INFO section.


  • Captains and Co-Captains are responsible for making sure the players on their team understand and are familiar with the rules.

  • On the first night they are responsible for getting all players to sign the team waiver/release form if provided.
    (All players who are added to the roster are required to read and understand all league rules and procedures and have committed to the league waiver by being registered with a team.)

  • Finding out in advance if all your players are available for games and if you will require ringers to have a full squad.

  • Posting your full roster on your team page by the second game of the season.

  • Making sure your roster is up to date and making an ADD / DROP any time a player is added or dropped to/from the roster. (see ADD / DROP section in LEAGUE RULES)

  • Checking the schedule and informing your team of the opponent, Time/Date, and field locations of your games.

  • Making sure that your team sets up next to the field you are scheduled to play on.

  • Making sure your team is ready for kickoff at game time.

  • Distributing shirts and making sure all teammates and ringers are wearing the correct color.

  • If your team is scheduled to play a team of a similar color making sure teammates bring white shirts to play in. (some colors are listed on the team pages) if not, feel free to email the league.

  • Making sure your team members are aware of, understand and participate by all league rules and regulations.

  • Making sure any ringers who are not registered in the league sign waiver forms and are aware of, understand and participate by all league rules and regulations.