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SMALL SIDED GAMES will be 7 v 7 (6 field players + keeper)
11/12 players maximum per roster
Minimum of 8 league games + playoff/finals for top 4 teams

45 minute games (each half is 22 minutes)

FOR 7v7 COED: Maximum of 3 men as field players 
(keeper may be male or female and does not count toward maximum or minimum).
7v7 Teams generally have 3 men + 3 women on the field + keeper (male or female). 

If the goalkeeper is female you must still have 3 women playing as field players. 
IE: 3 men + 3 women as field players + keeper (female) 

FULL FIELD GAMES will be 11 v 11
20 players maximum per roster
Minimum of 8 total games. 

11v11 Full Field games are 60 minute games in the spring (each half is 30 minutes) and 70 minutes in the Summer and Fall. 

FOR 11v11 COED: Maximum of 7 men as field players 
(keeper may be male or female and does not count toward maximum or minimum).
11v11 Teams generally have 7 men + 3 women on the field + keeper (male or female). 

If the goalkeeper is female you must still have 3 women playing as field players. 
IE: 7 men + 3 women as field players + keeper (female)

Games kick off 6pm - 11pm.


  • PIER 40 Rockstar Courtyard Fields in SOHO
  • Chelsea Waterside Park in Chelsea
  • NIKE field in Chinatown
  • DeWitt Clinton in Midtown West
  • East River Park LES
  • Randall’s and Roosevelt Islands.



click FIELD DIRECTIONS in the upper right menu on the home page
click P for PIER 40, C for Chelsea Waterside Park, N for NIKE field etc...

Pitches are outdoor field turf (non grass) - turf shoes are best

You may also wear sneakers or moulded cleats (not metal).

Players should wear SHIN GUARDS.

ALL players should arrive at least 10 minutes early for games to ensure games kickoff as close to schedule as possible.

Team pinnies or t-shirts are provided with league fees for 7v7 teams (11v11 must provide their own jerseys).  Teams may purchase CUSTOM JERSEYS (performance style jerseys, not t-shirts) with their team name, logo, corporate logo etc... for an additional fee, and can use them for subsequent seasons and receive a "shirt recycling" discount. 

SEASONS run back to back.  There are no set season dates.  Each season starts a week or two after the previous season finishes up. Occasionally seasons run longer due to weather cancellations. 

Generally the date that registration will open for the coming season is posted on the home page in the center article section a few weeks before the current season ends.  We also send out a league email. 
to receive that email be sure you’re on the mailing list

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The seasons begin more or less at these times:

SPRING SEASON * late March / early April
SUMMER SEASON * late June / early July

FALL SEASON * late Sept / early Oct
WINTER SEASON * early to mid January


Once a player or team has registered / paid to play in the league, there are NO REFUNDS, 
unless all teams / divisions are full and we are unable to place a player or team in the league.

Players may sell their spot to another player. 

If we have a PLAYER on the waiting list to take the place of a player who would like to drop we will refund the original player a pro-rated rate for any games remaining minus a $15 admin fee pre-season or $20 if the season is already underway.

If we find a team to take the place of a TEAM who would like to drop we will refund the original TEAM minus a $150 admin fee pre-season or $200 if the season is already underway.


  • If you have a few players who want to play together – but don’t have enough to make a full team – you may register as individuals and request to be placed together - we will attempt to place you on a team together – all additional spots on the team will be filled by other individuals who have registered.  
    (It is difficult to place more than 2 or 3 players together on a team. But we will try.)


The schedules and stats for all games and teams are posted on the website. 
Links in the upper left menu of the home page. 

The schedule for the first night of games will be available at least
48 hours before the first night of games.

The schedule for the second night of games will be available at least 72 hours before the second night of games.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the full season schedule will be posted within the 3rd week of games

If fields are closed due to weather - make up games may be scheduled at a different time and/or day of the week than your regular league play (this includes weekends)

Due to occasional unforeseen circumstances the schedule is subject to change after it has been posted. 

We will make every effort send out an email if there are changes made to a game within the same week. 

As a general suggestion you should check your schedule at the beginning of each week to ensure you have the most updated scheduling information.


Some divisions are separated into Recreational and Competitive divisions. 

If there are more than 10 teams in a division, a division may be split into flights (conferences / groups) with teams playing all the teams in their flight and a number of cross play games against teams in the other flight(s). 

If there are fewer than 9 teams in a division, the Recreational and Competitive divisions may be split into flights (conferences / groups) with teams playing all the teams in their flight and a number of cross play games against teams in the other flight(s) or vice versa.  In this case the Semi-Final and Final games will be played among the top 4 teams in each division as separate divisions. (Top 4 Rec teams will play each other in the Semis/Finals and Top 4 Comp teams will play each other in the Semis/Finals) 

If there are 6 or fewer teams in either division, the divisions may be combined into one.

(this is often the case in the summer and winter seasons) 


 WEATHER: rain or shine?
    YES - we play rain or shine!
    Except in the case of dangerous conditions 
    (lightning, hurricane, extreme flooding etc...)


    You may call the WEATHER HOTLINE at 212 696 7297

    IF games are cancelled an outgoing message will have information. 

    In the event of cancellations the hotline will be updated at least 1 hour before the first game.

    The best time to check the hotline is 1 hour before your game as weather and conditions
    are extremely changeable and games are not cancelled until it is extremely apparent that 
    fields will be unplayable at game time.   

    Games go forward whenever possible. 

Please don’t write in the afternoon asking if games are cancelled.

We will let you know as soon as we know and never make decisions early in the day unless 
the fields are already clearly flooded and unplayable.  
In which case we’ll post a notice on the hotline and also send an email if we’re able. 

We understand the urge to write when your players are asking you the same question, but
our answer will be "we don’t know yet" and taking the time to reply thus to several captains delays
the mountain of work and emails we need to get through 
in order to keep the league running as smoothly as possible for you.  (thanks for understanding) 

    On occasion games may be cancelled on the spot if we arrive at the fields and 
    find they are unplayable due to flooding or dangerous conditions.

If there is no current message regarding weather on the hotline then games will proceed as scheduled.
    Make up games may be scheduled at a different time
    and/or day of the week than your regular league play, including weekends. 

REMINDERS for all teams/players
Games should start promptly as scheduled & we can not wait for late or missing players!
We are always on a tight schedule & games must run as scheduled! 

PLEASE stay on the sidelines and do not enter the field space until the referees tell you to do so unless it’s unquestionably clear that there is space on the pitches not being occupied by permit holders. 
The leagues who hold the permits before our games have complained about players entering the field before their games/practices are finished.

 Especially the Baseball coaches who are concerned for your safety due to renegade balls played by little leaguers! 

ALL TEAMS – please check the schedule, know which pitch you are playing on and set up your camp/deposit your stuff near your pitch rather than near the stairs on the south side of the complex.

We are losing a good amount of time waiting for teams to relocate
their belongings to the appropriate pitches.

PLEASE NOTE on the schedule any nights you are playing a team wearing a color similar to your own. To check what color a team wears click their team name in the standings table. If it is not on their teampage write to the league to check. 

Teams should plan on bringing white shirts (or another alternative color) on a night when you are playing a team wearing a color close to your own.

Muchas Gracias!



PARTICIPANT WAIVER AND RELEASE: Each team member and/or participant (hereafter referred to as “Participant”) listed on the team rosters, added to the roster at a later date, or invited to play with a team in any game, hereby certifies that he/she is physically fit and in normal health and has not been otherwise informed by a physician that he/she is incapable of participation in any sport league/clinic/tournaments, including those organized by NYC Soccer Collective (hereafter referred to as NYCSC.) Each participant agrees to familiarize themselves and abide by all NYCSC rules. Each participant acknowledges that he/she is aware of the risks inherent in participation in sports (including but not limited to training, practice and competition); that sports are physical and can require considerable running, starting stopping, and physical exertion, in heat and humidity and could potentially lead to injuries including, but not limited to, overheating, dehydration, limb injuries, and possible permanent disability and death. Each participant agrees to assume any risks and to waive any and all rights to claim for injuries, loss or damages arising out of his/her participation in NYCSC. Each participant is responsible for conducting himself/herself safely and at a level consistent with his/her skill. Each participant further certifies that he/she maintains adequate health insurance to cover any injuries occurring as a result of participation in NYCSC. 

Each participant who registers and/or plays in any capacity in this league, 
acknowledges understanding and reading of this waiver in full.

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