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NYC Soccer Collective is an organization committed to good sportsmanship and positive reinforcement. The emphasis of this club is on teams and players who feel that camaraderie and team dynamics play a large part in the success of a team.
NYC Soccer Collective is a club comprised of teams whose players support each other and enjoy the challenge of growing together as teammates.

In addition to the small side league, NYC Soccer Collective also manages a club comprised of 3 full field teams playing in the full field competitive men’s and women’s amateur soccer leagues in NYC. 

NYC Soccer Collective club teams are by tryout only.
Tryouts are typically held during summer and winter for the the subsequent fall or spring season.

When open spots are available during the current season, tryout players are frequently invited to training sessions.

    Int / Adv full field women’s team.   SUNDAY GAMES (varies 9am-9pm kickoffs)
    Int / Adv full field men’s team.  
    SUNDAY GAMES (varies 9am-9pm kickoffs)
    Int / Adv full field men’s 30+ team.  
     SUNDAY GAMES (varies 9am-9pm kickoffs)
    Competitive Tournament COED team.   WEEKNIGHT GAMES (and travel tournaments)

Tryouts are by invitation only, If you are interested in trying out for any of the teams in our club please fill out a form on our PLAYER DATABASE (accessed in the upper left corner of the home page) and if you fit what we’re looking for you will be contacted to attend the next tryout session.

We are looking for a few Int/Adv - Advanced full time players and a handful of part time players (on-call subs) to fill the last few spots on our full field competitive club teams for the FALL season.

We are especially interested in fun, committed, reliable, good sportsmen and women who have a great time on the field and contribute to a positive, supportive team environment. 
SEPT 2014

(for more information click the CLUB TEAM TRYOUTS link in the left side menu)
If you’re interested in trying out be sure to fill out a form on the PLAYER DATABASE (click link in upper left menu)
(PLEASE NOTE - There are no tryouts required for the small sided league (coed and mens) - anyone can enter a team or join as an individual - only spots on our full field house club teams are tryout only - for info on joining the league with a team or as an individual in our small sided league look on the home page of this site for information about the current divisions) 
Information on NYC Soccer Collective club and teams:

I. The Teams of NYC Soccer Collective
NYCSC is a club comprised of five teams averaging twenty players on each team:
NYC Sirens (Int/Adv Women’s Team)- NY Metropolitan Women’s Soccer League - B Divison  
All positions OPEN especially seeking strong dedicated DEFENDERS and GOALKEEPERS and back up KEEPERS who play the field.
  • Training at Chelsea Waterside Park (23rd street at 11th ave) and Pier 40
  • Home games on Sundays at Pier 40 (West Houston and West Side Highway) 
    or East River Park (East 6th and FDR)
Gotham Argo (Advanced Men’s Team)- NY Cosmopolitan League
All positions OPEN. Especially seeking strong dedicated DEFENDERS and MIDFIELDERS and back up KEEPERS who play the field.
  • Training at Chelsea Waterside Park and Pier 40
  • Home games on Sundays at Pier 40, E. 6th street and Randall’s Island.
Argo Silver (Advanced Men’s over 30 Team)-  NY Cosmopolitan League
Especially seeking strong dedicated DEFENDERS and GOALKEEPERS and back up KEEPERS who play the field.
  • Training at Chelsea Waterside Park and Pier 40
  • Home games on Sundays at Pier 40, E. 6th street and Randall’s Island. 
School for Scandal (Advanced Competitive CoEd Team)
Especially seeking strong dedicated DEFENDERS and GOALKEEPERS (male and female)
  • NYC COED League + ongoing national and international tournaments
  • All training and games at Pier 40 (games weeknights)
  • Prior Champions NY Classic Cup, Las Vegas Virtue Cup, Montreal Classic
Full Field Team ROSTERS generally consist of 18 full time members and 4 on-call members with a maximum total roster of 22 (mandated by the league).

On-call subs are considered part of the team rosters. They are welcome at all training sessions and club functions.

They are typically called on to play when there are fewer than 13 or 14 roster players available for league games.

Currently, we are most in need of defenders, backup goalkeepers who play the field, starting goalkeepers, and midfielders.

However, our invitation to join the team will be based on a variety of factors, including
a common philosophy in team play.

Teams typically play home games in Manhattan, though on occasion there is a need to use league provided fields.
Away games are typically accessible via public transport, though on occasion there is a need to carpool or make other arrangements. During the season,
teams also compete in a State Cup Tournament, which is a single elimination format with
games that on occasion take us further away from the city.

League games are played on Sundays with kick off anytime between 8am and 9pm. 
Home games are typically Sunday evenings at Manhattan’s Pier 40
which is easily accessible via public transport.

Away games (and occasional home games) take place on Sunday mornings or afternoons on various fields primarily in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. 
Though we do occasionally travel to fields in Westchester, Staten Island and New Jersey.

NYC Sirens, Gotham Argo and Argo Silver generally train in the spring and fall on Tuesday nights at Chelsea Waterside Park 8:15pm - 10pm (23rd street @ 11th Avenue) or 9:45pm - 11:30pm at Pier 40 (west houston and west side highway)

Fall season runs from September through mid-December 
Spring season runs March to June.

Fees vary between $150 - $300 twice a year (each Fall and Spring season) depending on sponsorship, home fields and various team / club costs.

The teams have bar sponsors which we visit after most home games and training sessions.
We will hold closed tryout sessions/scrimmages. 
Due to limited permit space, we need to limit the number of individuals participating in each session, so please be sure to confirm your intention to attend sessions so you are sure to be on the list of invited participants.

We believe that social interaction and support lends a level of team spirit that aids in the competitive journey to team success. 
With strong women’s, men’s and coed teams we schedule frequent social mixers and club fundraisers. We do our best to secure a bar sponsor for each team and spend time after games and training sessions "supporting" our sponsors.

In terms of an overall philosophy and approach for this club. 
The focus of the NYC Soccer Collective is to enjoy playing together, 
playing the game as good sportsmen and women, giving everyone on the
team the opportunity to play and develop as a team member, and, in general,
focusing on a positive approach to training, winning, and even losing. A copy of
our club’s mission statement and player agreement, which must be signed by
everyone that decides to join the team as a full or on-call roster member,
includes a commitment to our club philosophy.
IF you are interested in simply registering as an individual player (or registering a team) in our small sided league, you need not tryout, visit the home page for small sided league information and registration.
Thank You,
"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can
beat every time." -Lou Brock

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