NYC Soccer Collective

SPRING 2021 games will have strict Covid-19 protocol required by City guidelines and the various Parks Departments. 
All teams/players/staff will be required to comply. 
Protocol includes, but is not limited to:
* Temperature checks off all staff and players prior to each game
* Disinfecting of balls and equipment before each game and at halftime.
* Players and staff must submit health questionnaires + waivers every game day which will require contact information for contact tracing. 
* No spectators will be allowed
* Teams/Players must arrive 30 minutes prior to kickoff to check in at a designated area away from the field
* Players and Staff will be required to wear masks and physically distance by a minimum of 6 feet when not on the field.
* Teams/Players will be required to depart the field immediately after games end.
* There are maximum capacity limits at each field.
* Teams may still bring in players who are not on their rosters when they will be short. 
Any subs/fill in players must fill in health questionnaries+waivers on game day and will be subject to all protocol and league rules
* Forfeit fines are still in affect.  Teams must do everything possible to field a team.
Please contact the league if you need help finding players to fill in --